27 & 28 February 2016. Valdezcaray Legend Telemark Extravaganza. La Rioja, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

3º Encuentro de Valdezcaray Legend Telemark, Valdezcaray, La Rioja, España

It was touch and go with the snow but finally Torocuervo & Lurk telemark ski clubs were able to stage Valdezcaray Legend; a telemark, mountain and general gastronomic extravaganza. This was the third year the event was held in this format and this time the newly-formed Asociación Nacional de Telemark was able to get involved. ANT aims to be an …

Torocuervo en Grandvalira Andorra. Foto de James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Torocuervo en la V Trobada de Telemark, Grandvalira, Andorra

La última vez que Torocuervo fue a Grandvalira (Andorra) tuvimos la suerte increíble de tener un paquetón de nieve en polvo. Uno de aquellos días que uno recuerda durante muchos años. Dos años después y todos estábamos contentos por poder esquiar, creo, dado la miserable temporada sin apenas nieve este invierno. Grandvalira ya es una súper estación (con 210km de …

24 & 25 Enero 2015, Torocuervo, Lurk & Esz en Gourette, France. Foto de James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Telemark racing for kids

Looking through photos has brought back some great moments from last season. It may be sunny and good autumnal weather, but right now I’d love to be skiing some curves. I love telemark races and see them as a way to improve and develop rather than an end in itself. Head-to-head parallel races when two skiers go against each other …

9 & 10 March 2015 Winter camping and telemark skiing with Chefe in Sierra de la Demanda, La Rioja, Spain. Photo © James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Two-day Telemark Excursion in Sierra de la Demanda, La Rioja, Spain

When winter arrives in La Rioja, there’s a whole mountain range waiting to be discovered! If you’re a telemark skier with skins and the right kit you can explore a range of slopes. Our Zaldierna members don’t even bother to buy the annual Valdezcaray ski-lift pass – they don’t need to. Instead over recent seasons they’ve wandered extensively in “deep …


Telemark skiing mountain safety workshop, Valdezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

This workshop was all about getting Torocuervo Telemark club’s youngsters – who are now reaching a good level of skiing – to start understanding the importance of mountain safety. Many of them are realising that there’s another world of off-piste skiing, but that you always have to treat the mountains with respect. We invited mountain guide Eukeni Soto to give …


The 2015 La Rioja telemark games in Valdezcaray, Spain

Although the weather wasn’t exactly smiling on us when we met for this year’s Telemark competition in Valdezcaray, we still managed to have a laugh or two! Congratulations to all the youngsters who took part, particularly Juan who achieved the fastest time and Marta who was nipping at his heels. James & Nicky (!)

21/2/15 Valdezcaray Legend Telemark, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo © James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

2nd Valdezcaray Legend Telemark Skiing Festival, Valdezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

Valdezcaray Legend returned for the second year last weekend to Valdezcaray. Its moniker “legend” originates from the good vibe the world cup racers experienced when they visited our village a few years back. The truth is that there couldn’t be a better atmosphere than that found among the two clubs that organise the Legend event: Lurk & Torocuervo. After enjoying …

24 & 25 Enero 2015, Torocuervo, Lurk & Esz en Gourette, France. Foto de James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

Torocuervo Telemark skiing trip to Gourette, Pyrenees, France

Something we skiers like is to discover new pistes and different mountains, and that of couse made it very difficult for us to resist an invitation to take part in last weekend’s Gourette Telemark 2015 in the French Pyrenean resort. One of Torocuervo’s main aims is to promote the practice of telemark skiing, which is why we organise Valdezcaray Legend …