Two-day Telemark Excursion in Sierra de la Demanda, La Rioja, Spain

Torocuervo Telemark Club Ezcaray

When winter arrives in La Rioja, there’s a whole mountain range waiting to be discovered! If you’re a telemark skier with skins and the right kit you can explore a range of slopes. Our Zaldierna members don’t even bother to buy the annual Valdezcaray ski-lift pass – they don’t need to. Instead over recent seasons they’ve wandered extensively in “deep … Read More

Telemark skiing mountain safety workshop, Valdezcaray, La Rioja, Spain

This workshop was all about getting Torocuervo Telemark club’s youngsters – who are now reaching a good level of skiing – to start understanding the importance of mountain safety. Many of them are realising that there’s another world of off-piste skiing, but that you always have to treat the mountains with respect. We invited mountain guide Eukeni Soto to give … Read More