Ask us about the training for this season. Use our contact form and we will inform you of everything that will take place this season

It’s also a great way to meet people from other clubs in other regions, continuing the spirit that arose during the Olympic Telemark project, which was supported by the Riojan Federation of Winter Sports (RFEDI) and Solo Nieve magazine.

We share coaches and take good advantage of experienced racers to help all of us improve our technique. There’s a great vibe.

To participate in club training sessions, suitable insurance is compulsory. We can give guidance on this should you need it.

Please contact us for detailed information of the training options.

Torocuervo Telemark
How to join a telemark class
If you’d like to join or would like more information, just call +34 661 52 46 28 | 606 36 68 31 or send an email to