IV Telemark Valdezcaray Legend – The Legend Returns

IV Telemark Valdezcaray Legend

Legend by name, legendary by nature!! Telemark Valdezcaray Legend returns to La Rioja at the beginning of March for a fourth time. Consisting of two days of telemarking and “après telemarking”, previous incarnations of the event have attracted telemarkers from Spain, France and further afield. On Saturday 3 March there’ll be a parallel sprint race followed by lunch at Valdezcaray ski … Read More

Torocuervo telemark skiing trip to Astún, Pyrenees, Spain

Club de Torocuervo Telemark en Astún, Huesca, Spain. Foto de James Sturcke | www.sturcke.org

It’s not been the greatest of starts to the ski season in the Spanish Pyrenees. There’s enough snow to open the resorts… but only just. Ski instructors and hoteliers alike are anxious for more. However, a small group from Torocuervo ventured to Astún, Huesca, last weekend and found the mountains looking stunning in the sunshine. And even though the options … Read More