Telemark racing for kids

Torocuervo Telemark Club Excursión

21/2/15 Valdezcaray Legend Telemark, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo © James Sturcke |

Looking through photos has brought back some great moments from last season. It may be sunny and good autumnal weather, but right now I’d love to be skiing some curves.

I love telemark races and see them as a way to improve and develop rather than an end in itself. Head-to-head parallel races when two skiers go against each other are popular in telemark but I prefer classic racing against the clock. This discipline is creative involving not just a slalom course but also a skating section, a jump and a 360-degree bowl.

For youngsters it’s an adventure. They have to learn to master all the parts of the race and I believe it really helps improve not just their telemark skills but also reflect on their personal character development.


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