Torocuervo, founded in 1999 by five telemark nuts, is La Rioja’s only telemark club. The village of Ezcaray, nearby Valdezcaray ski resort and the entire Sierra de la Demanda range of mountains is our “base camp”. In recent years Valdezcaray has become the national centre for telemark; the first place in Spain to host European and World cup races. However Torocuervo’s main aim isn’t to hold races but rather to encourage people to participate in the sport and make available the necessary equipment.
We’ve an extensive range of skis and boots and even young children can try out bending the knee and feel the magic and fascination of freeing the heel. Some of our young members have gone on to compete at World Cup level. Every year we add to our range of boots and skis as well as life-saving mountain equipment like Arvas. We also dream up new projects to keep the juices flowing. The passion that defines the club drives us forward every year.

Torocuervo campeonatos Telemark

Want to join the club?


For adults and children alike the main barrier to trying out telemark is that it’s not easy to hire equipment. But you don’t have to worry about that with Torocuervo as we’ve got 45 pairs of skis and boots of all sizes available. You just need to join the club and call us to reserve the material. Other advantages of membership include telemark classes suitable for a range of abilities and simply the chance to meet people and go exploring the nearby mountains. There’s always someone telemarking in Valdezcaray to share experiences with.
Members benefit from various discounts including Valdezcaray season liftpass and in the resort’s bars and restaurants, as well as being able to purchase equipment through the club at considerable savings to regular prices. They can use our workshop in Ezcaray. Torocuervo life includes regular trips to other resorts, an end of season lunch and other social activity.

If you’d like to become a member call +34 661 52 46 28 – 606 36 68 31 or email